"I first saw Esme in 2006 to help with debilitating pregnancy sickness at about 9 weeks. After 2 days of taking the prescribed remedy the sickness had stopped. She helped me prepare for my first birth and gave me and my husband the confidence to use homeopathy throughout the birth. My 3 children have seen Esme regularly throughout their childhood. We haven’t had to use antibiotics or calpol and seldom see the doctor as Esme has been able to deal with every acute illness thrown our way, including coughs, colds, teething, rashes, infections. She has also helped with bed wetting, nightmares, ticks and tantrums. I once told her about a dull pain I’d had in my right hand from a childhood injury. She gave me a remedy and the pain, which had been with me for years completely disappeared the next day. Another time I had an infected wisdom tooth. It had been brewing for a couple of weeks. Instead of taking antibiotics, Esme gave me a remedy and the pain stopped within 12 hours. The same infection occurred a couple of months ago so I immediately took the same remedy with the same results. I have so many stories to tell and happy to speak to anyone considering seeing Esme. We moved to Hong Kong 4 years ago and we still Skype her when needed and see her when we visit the UK. Esme has a very broad knowledge of disease and her healing skills extend to a vast understanding of nutrition, supplements and emotional well being. She is hugely empathetic and extremely skilled at asking the right questions and listening intently. I have laughed and cried with Esme and am hugely grateful for all the support she has given our family throughout the last 10 years."


"I have had lower back problems for several years and didn't think **Homeopathy could help. After just one session, my back problems have gone. Cannot recommend Esme and Classical Homeopathy enough."


"I came across Esme's profile while I was looking desperately to find somebody that could help me with some very aggressive and painful rushes and hives on my face. I went to doctors before that suggested I take antistaminics and cortisone to treat my condition, but I wanted to eradicate the problem and not just to solve the issue of the moment and then be scared of it reappearing. I read wonderful reviews on her profile, so I decided to give her a try. Esme is one of the most professional and caring therapists I have ever been with, and I feel extremely lucky to have found her. She carefully listened to my clinical history and found the appropriate cure for my issue. She suggested the right diet for me to follow and she gave me great advice that is helping me to heal. I am so grateful because for the very first time I feel I will defeat this problem that has been destroying my life for many years. Highly recommended."


"My son, who is diabetic, had a bad cough as a result of a virus for around 4 months and had been in and out of hospital. I made an appointment for him to see Esme and within 5 days the cough was completely gone. I have used Esme in the past and have had instant results."


"I have known Esme for nearly ten years now and she has been an enormous support and help to myself and my children. When my son was younger, he suffered terribly from asthma and was prescribed steroid inhalers by the GP which didn't really work. After being treated by Esme with homeopathy, he gradually improved over time and now no longer suffers at all from it, rarely gets stubborn coughs anymore and can run long distance with no problem whatsoever! Esme has also given me a great deal of support over the years, helping me to control very stubborn psoriasis and also helping me to get over the pain (and bruising!) caused by childbirth with amazing results! More recently, she has helped me to recover from facial surgery for skin cancer, prescribing remedies that aid healing and help to build a better immune system. Esme is highly knowledgable in all areas of health and nutrition and is above all, a genuinely kind and caring therapist who listens intently and tries her utmost to improve your condition/mental/emotional state to the best of her ability."


"I have known Esme for many years. She is an excellent homeopath, and has treated my family, myself and many others with amazing results. I cannot recommend her enough!"


"I recently found my way to Esme at a time where I got a cold that was taking several weeks to shift. Traditional medicine was of little help then. What has come out of going to see Esme was a hugely transformational and positive letting go of all the various traumas accumulated over the years, which manifested in physical and emotional discomfort. I was amazed by by the power of homeopathy to work in such a deep way to release the symptoms in such a precise and minimalistic way. It was a bit like having taken many deep breaths and locking them all in, without ever having had the chance to exhale. And over time, they had added onto each other to a point where I often felt breathless with my heart racing, on the verge of fainting, without knowing why I felt that way. Starting with one one remedy, those distressing symptoms vanished! Esme is extremely professional, knowledgeable, competent, precise, and focuses totally onto you with great insights and kindness. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Esme for all her wonderful support."


"I have been receiving treatment for the last two years from Esme for psoriasis and wheezing. When I first went to Esme I had a critical case of Psoriasis, but soon after taking the remedy, my skin started healing and I amazed by how the treatment worked. This result brought back my self confidence. I continue to receive treatment from Esme. Esme explains the remedy she gives and how this works. I feel comfortable and relaxed, I feel Esme is like a counsellor and I leave feeling refreshed."


"Esme Kohll is a very intuitive and talented homeopath who'll work exhaustively to find the right remedy for you. She's helped me with many ailments over the years, most recently with a nasty case of cystitis which cleared up very quickly after I started taking the remedy."

These testimonials do not represent evidence, but the personal opinions of these patients after treatment.